Making the choice for natural fibres


A specialist in fabrics and fashion accessories, Pool Trend expresses a firm choice for natural yarns in a summer collection marked by a novel fantasy.


The Pool Trend Spring Summer 2020 collection ranges from fabrics to fashion accessories including throws and scarves. Now that fine weather is on the horizon, the manufacturer sets a course for natural fibres, with a selection of cotton, silk, linen and hemp.

These ingredients allow two types of combinations: three-dimensional structures for plains, and plays on yarn-dyeds for jacquards and leno weave effects with for shirt weights. Washed-out and indigo aspects round out the range of hues.

Among the rare elaborations of colour contrast, Pool Trend introduces natural yarn blends on polyester warps, thus acclimating a Japanese look. Tree colour nuances dominate the collections of plains: darks, mid-tones and shiny shades.

For the most part, finishes target a compact and neat rendering, varying according to the qualities of yarns and blends.