Leather unlocks its surprises



Faeda unveils a selection of its most remarkable leathers in a preview of the spring summer 20 season.

The leather qualities introduced at Blossom Première Vision by Italian tanner Faeda represent a fine selection of its vast collection for spring summer 2020. The combination of hand craftsmanship and industrial excellence comes through, especially in surprising finishings and aspects.

A renowned specialist in smooth and embossed patent leather, it is broadening an already rich colour palette with combinations of animal prints, large-scale crocodile motifs, and more.

There’s also a focus on fresh tones: mint green, apricot.

Originality is equally evident in double-face leathers playing with perforations evoking fringes, and ‘plasticised’ finishes verging on the smooth look of PVC. Laminated variations embrace glints of platinum, while new, emotionally-charged finishes update classic skins.

And lastly, a range of smooth skins modelled on silks, intimately imbued with softness and lightness.