A game of shadow and light



Isisi is dedicating a part of its summer 20 collection to luminous compositions, imbued with a troubling magic.


Glowers is the name that Isisi, a fabric designer for fashion and accessories, has given to this, a first fragment of its summer collection, which the company will be introducing at Blossom Première Vision. A story of glimmerings, light, dazzle and mirrored aspects.

Compositions strive for a hypnotic effect with closely entangled geometric motifs, and a confluence of luminous colourways.

Troubling kaleidoscopes, moirés and metallic nets are all part of what the studio calls a vibrant sensory ramble. The colour palette heightens this feeling, by focusing on radiant shades such as Radiant Orange, Royal Blues, Pink Peacock, Golden Yellow, Jester Red, Tumeric and more.