Dive into the S/S 19 season with the new Première Vision colour range!

For the first time, this range brings together the key seasonal information for all activity sectors: RTW, accessories, leather goods, shoes and components for fashion jewellery.
A unique tool, both technical and inspirational.

On sale at Blossom Première Vision (170€).

The S/S 19 colour range includes

  • A colour-range/poster with the 26 colours of the season
  • A colour-card to cut out, an indispensable tool for working colour in patterns and silhouettes, and to validate the conformity of dye launches.
  • A printed booklet with the major fashion directions, a choice of harmonies and the season’s silhouette highlights
  • A USB key with:
    • a digital colour range (.ase file) ready to import into creative software programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)
    • a digital colour range (.qtx file) with the universal LAB values to elaborate industrial dyes or prints
    • a booklet of the season, in PDF format.
    • The season’s colour atmospheres, with suggestions for colour harmonies by market

PV SS19 Colour Range