In preview at Blossom Première Vision: SATAB, the European leader in ribbon-making, unveils Bel’r – Artisan d’exception®, its new brand of excellence


To enhance its range of premium ribbons, SATAB presents its new Bel’r – Artisan d’exception® brand at Blossom Première Vision. The collections bearing this label reflect a know-how driven by excellence, SATAB’s famed innovation, and the company’s ability to propose ultra-customization to meet the desires of each of its clients. Thanks to the integrated manufacturing of its ribbons and an ability to combine artisanal craftsmanship with industrial know-how, Bel’R – Artisan d’exception® has a perfect mastery of product quality.
The company’s artisanal ribbon-makers combine their love of fine traditional ribbons with the ‘made in France’ know-how of their design studios to constantly redefine the limits of weaving. They rely on the world’s largest active industrial park of traditional wooden shuttle looms, allowing the brand to make ribbons with perfect edges, weave high-quality jacquards and ensure the finest quality in their premium products.

Among its collections, Bel’R – Artisan d’exception® has an offer of ribbons elaborated from 23-carat gold yarns on cotton satin bases, and ribbons worked with gilded solid-silver threads. Working these subtle materials requires patience and a high degree of technique. These meticulously orchestrated and engineered ribbons are a way to enhance the exceptional designs characteristic of the luxury sector.

And Blossom Première Vision is most definitely the starting point of the collections!